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As soon as you create a Stripe account, you can begin interacting with it in test mode. To begin accepting payments from customers, you must first activate your account. Account activation is a simple process: you fill out the account application requesting some basic information about your product, your business, and your own personal relationship to your business.

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After activating your account, you can immediately start accepting live payments. These requirements come from our regulators and financial partners, and are intended to prevent abuse of the financial system. The information you provide is reviewed internally to ensure it complies with our services agreement.

Your customers see the following details on either their card statements or in email receipts sent by Stripe. Make sure your statement descriptor text and business information can be clearly associated with you. If a customer cannot recognize one of your payments, they may dispute it. You can also use dynamic statement descriptors when creating a charge so that each payment has a custom statement descriptor.

This dynamic text is appended to the shortened descriptor set in the Stripe Dashboard. Statement descriptor prefixes are limited to between 2 and 10 characters. For detailed information, see the documentation on statement descriptors. Thank you for helping improve Stripe's documentation. If you need help or have any questions, please consider contacting support. Home Home.

buy verified stripe account

Home Capital Frequently asked questions. Home Identity Overview. Home API Reference.

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United States. Czech Republic Preview. India Preview. Activating your account Account activation is a simple process: you fill out the account application requesting some basic information about your product, your business, and your own personal relationship to your business.

Updating your public business information Your customers see the following details on either their card statements or in email receipts sent by Stripe. As a reminder, Stripe employees will never ask you for them.

buy verified stripe account

If you use your password on another site and that site is compromised, an attacker could use those stolen credentials to take over your account. Use team members to provide others with access to your account You can invite others to your Stripe account so they can log in and take certain actions, but with limited access.

Update your computer and browser regularly We recommend configuring your computer to automatically download and install updates e.Static IP will be provided for a month. Contact us to renew your VPS. There are too much to list, hope you can understand what I am trying to say, if you are unhappy with this, do not purchase this. When you receive it, please change your Gmail password, recovery details and add 2fa to secure your account to prevent any possible issue from happening.

However, do not change your PayPal account password. Cyantion verified owner — February 3, Highet verified owner — February 24, Shiyagest verified owner — April 8, DipityMyhero verified owner — September 4, GhoulNeko verified owner — October 10, Majerend verified owner — November 11, Carpterc verified owner — December 5, Fouralai verified owner — December 7, Polo verified owner — February 11, TalkMark verified owner — February 17, Vouch, ordered a fully verified paypal setup with vps, was delivered the next day and he walked me through the whole process, thanks.

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USA Original Pack. UK Basic Pack. UK Original Pack. PayPal Standard Pack. PayPal Premium Pack. Our service started work with RDP servers now!

Remote Desktop Package is ready now! After a long time, our service has decided to introduce a remote desktop package that will give you better access to your eBay and PayPal accounts.

Accounts IT service expanding packages with several more countries. World Package will be available soon! Our service will add soon Australia, Germany and Canada packages. Several customers have asked for this and we can provide that now!

World package About Us. Our service will add Instant delivery soon! Instant packages coming soon! Faster delivery will be soon with instant packages. Our pleasure is because we worked hard on it! Instant package About Us. Account IT service start working now! We are accepting new orders!

About accepting new orders, please contact us on chat, and we will put you on the list for next batch orders. Shop About us.A Stripe account is a great deal like a ledger. You can make different Stripe represents your items or organizations.

Each record has its very own installments, dashboard, and approved users. An account has a default cash. At the point when you gather installments in different monetary forms, Stripe changes over the cash into your record's currency.

You can move the cash from your Stripe record to your bank.

The new standard in online payments

It's what Stripe calls a Payout. Accounts Coming with:.

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Skrill is a renowned platform for online payment and money transaction. Document Verified Stripe Accounts. You will Get the following Accounts details in your e-mail after your payment is recieved and confirmed. Order Now. Choose other service. Rating Order Now. Zeropark Accounts Zeropark is an advertisement arrange that sells pop, space divert and push traffic.

Rating Oder Now. Verified PayPal Account PayPal is an America based worldwide online payment system which ensures safer and faster payment and transaction than most other payment systems. Ratings Order Now.Every country has its own requirements that accounts must meet to be able to pay out funds to individuals and companies.

Regardless of the country, the broad requirements are:. Connect platforms collect the required information from users and provide it to Stripe.

This may include personal information and a scan of a government-issued ID. This page explains the verification flow options, but the easiest way to manage verification is to integrate Connect Onboardingwhich lets Stripe take care of the verification complexity. Handling the details of verification yourself is not only complex initially, but requires ongoing maintenance because of changing regulations around the world. If you choose to handle the details yourself, read on to learn more about the verification flow options, how our API fields translate to both companies and individuals, and how to localize information requests.

You should also read our Handling Identity Verification with the API guide to learn how to programmatically provide information and handle requests. Typically, there are two sets of information that needs to be collected and verified. The first set enables charges and the second set enables payouts. For example, to enable charges for a company in the U.

The second set of information typically required for connected accounts in the U. These thresholds vary, but they often have a processing element and a time element. Using the previous example, this additional information might include:. As the platform, you need to decide if you want to collect the required information from your connected accounts upfront or incrementally incremental onboarding.

Some pros and cons for each method are listed below. To help you determine which flow to build, review the required information for the countries your connected accounts will be in. Requirements vary depending on the country, so one flow might fit your business better depending on the location of your connected accounts. The specific KYC information required depends on the type of business entity involved.

They are:. See Required verification information for a list of requirements for different business types by country.

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When you know what information to collect, you can read more about handling identity verification with the API. A business structure describes the details of a business entity such as day-to-day operations, tax burdens, liability, and organizational schema. You can classify by using company[structure] in the Account object. Providing this information to Stripe gets you the most accurate business classification for compliance purposes.

buy verified stripe account

While not required, this information might reveal you have fewer onboarding requirements to collect. For example, owner information is required for private companies, but not required for public companies. By default, a company is considered private if information on the company[structure] is not provided.Buy Verified Stripe Account at Cheap rate: If You have Planned Creating an online store where you can easily collect payments both locally and internationally, then you should know the usefulness of Having a verified Stripe account for your Business.

In order words, stripe makes everything easy when it comes to collecting international payments from any online store.

Stripe registration is very tough and rough. If You have ever gone through the process, you should understand what am saying here.

Identity verification for Custom accounts

I have come to help using the long term experience and skills in making verified stripe account. So, if you really need a verified stripe account for your business you can grab this opportunity because you may not get it this reliable and cheap elsewhere. Then we will get the document and the phone number that needed to verify your account, in 24 hours max your account will be verified with documents and phone number and you can use it right away after we deliver it.

And how long you are using these accounts for? If you want to double check, you can contact Stipe first if they will accept your business before you order an account from me. Refund Policy: After you get the account login credentials and the three screenshots that proof that the account was in good condition, there are no refunds for any circumstances.

If you like, You can make half payment and when we are done, You make the complete payment. Yes we do accept half payments. Do You want to Buy Fully and Ready to use verified stripe account for your business?

Contact us now…. I have referred 3 of my online friends who are also looking forward to get verified stripe account at cheap rate. Please treat them well. I have lost alot of money using PayPal as payment method.

No Matter how careful you try to be using PayPal, you will always loss money in one way or the other. PayPal is still the Best if Only they can make the security a bit loose. Their security system is detecting things that are not even wrong. Would be telling my friends about your services. I only used this first one as a test and thank God it goes well.

I lost my stripe account recently over certain issues so am here to get one.

Stripe’s identity verification product

I used the stripe account I bought from you for some illegal business and it was banned asking for additional documents Please how much can I pay to raise stripe limitation? A friend want to buy verified stripe account from you.

Buy Verified PayPal Account – Stealth PayPal

The email is ohtabain10 gmail. Spread the love. Author Recent Posts. PayPal Exchanger. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published. Type here. Open chat.You will receive money on this account after 6 months!!! When i send you bitcoin? You must wait sometime until it releases. You always get bitcoin!!! Feels free changing all password of account paypal also gmail. Do I need to have a store before I buy this account?

Do I need to buy SSL for my store?

buy verified stripe account

If your store is not a Shopify, then you need to buy one because Shopify includes an SSL already with your store. If I got paid on my Stripe account when I can withdraw the money?

The first time we recommend to withdraw after 2 weeks, then you can withdraw daily. Do I need to have a USA bank account for that? No, we will guide you how to open a bank account that works fine with this Stripe account with no problems at all even if you are outside the USA.

Do you use it for yourself?

Buy Full Verified Stripe Accounts [Ready to Use]

And how long you are using these accounts? Yes, since more than two years with no problems. Can Stripe close my account? If you follow up our guide no problem will happen. Can I get a copy of that guide before I buy?

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Sure, just PM me. What if I need help with connecting Stripe with my store? Contact us on IM and we will help you. Can I use this account to sell illegal products or services?


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